Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Teaching Homeschool Foreign Languages: Creole and Spanish

Taking our home school to the next level, we are teaching Creole and Spanish Foreign Languages. We cover the basics of education on our own times, in the early mornings. This includes the fundamentals such as Reading, Writing, Math, and any other learning  that we want our kids to learn at this stage. For the past couple of weeks, we have been balancing the blog, our curriculum, and tutor business, and my goodness let's just say it's been crazy over here! We've finally completed the Phonics curriculum, and our blogging process has become a little more routine, so things are getting back to normal.

While adjusting to our new schedule, we've settled on coming together at 10am in the morning to review Creole and Spanish concepts. Alouse, our Haitian descent mommy, directs our Creole learning time, and we are currently learning Numbers, Alphabet, Colors, Animals, Foods, and Communication! We're excited to see the progress the girls are making. We would love to one day create a video showing our Creole and Spanish times with the girls.

Little Jo (my baby son), is even joining in on the fun. Every now and then he adds a "Bonjou" every now and then and "pom," for apple!

Here's a look at our Creole Alphabet Chart!

Check out the Alphabet video that we're reciting everyday with the kids:


  1. Hey besties, I totally understand the craziness of blogging and homeschool, etc. Like you, I think I have it somewhat under control now. Also, it's so cool that you're teaching the kiddos creole (and spanish). I've never seen the actual creole alphabet before. We have a few friends that are Haitian and I just love, love their black rice dish!

  2. YES! Thank you Wendy! Its definitely a balancing act, we have a whole new respect for bloggers and content givers! Our foreign languages have been really enjoyable, can't wait to put up some actual video footage of the progress! :) :) :)