Thursday, February 11, 2016

Nicole's Mid-year update!

Hey homeschool world! All I can say is God is good! 2015 was such a blessing, many things have transpired within the last several months that have consumed most of my time and energy, but things are beginning to level out! (As much as they will I guess, lol)

I had another baby! A little baby boy, he's so cute ya'll! My husband and I bought our first home! Love, love, our home, we're finally settling into our new community and we just joined a church! I feel God's blessings all around me, He is amazing!

As far as homeschooling, my little Kindergartener is coming along beautifully! We've been focusing on the basics, Reading, Writing, and Math! In reading, she is currently on a third grade level, if you visit our curriculum page you'll see the Houghton Mifflin Series that I use for her, we're currently midway through the Journeys book. We have two more books to go in the set (Flights and Explorations)! I've been using this set since she was 3 1/2 years old, it's been a golden staple for us.

Her writing is developing as well. We do ALOT of copywork, for handwriting purposes, and we've just transitioned into writing in one space in her composition book. She also gets practice with creative writing. The focus right now is communicating her ideas in a progressive way. Introduce an idea, develop it, and explain it so readers can understand it as if they were there. Here's a sample of her copywork.

For math we use the Math Mammoth curriculum by Maria Miller. She is currently in Kindergarten but she's learning first grade math. We have the 1a and 1b set, which focuses on addition and subtraction. She has officially learned all of her addition facts up to 10+10! I'll have to upload a video of her reciting her addition wall, to show the progress.


So yes, this year has been quite the adventure! But we've still managed to keep it moving with our schoolyear! I'm beginning to look into the Easy Peasy website. Alouse is using that for her Kindergartener and High Schooler, and loves it! Maybe I can coax her to share her experience, lol! It really is an excellent site! The creator of the site has broken homeschool down from first grade all the way to 12th grade and gives a thorough day by day guide for each subject. I'm thinking about squeezing it in as a supplement to what I've been doing with the little one.

Until next time!

May God bless you and keep you! Be encouraged to be the best you can be, and keep a smile along the way!

:) :) :)

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