Monday, January 26, 2015

2015 The Start of a New Journey!

Hello everyone! Welcome to our blog page! Homeschool Besties Double the Fun! Our names are Nicole and Alouse and we are both homeschool mothers that enjoy the blessings of being home and nurturing our little ones. This has been a journey that we have shared from the birth of our firstborns! Homeschooling is great and we've come together to share our experiences, knowledge, resources, and more. This year, our goal is to take our homeschooling to the next level and combine our knowledge and love for education for the benefit of our children and encouragement to each other. We love the Lord, love our husbands, and will be sharing our opinions, challenges, and homeschool ideas. We welcome you to join us as we grow and try new things, THIS YEAR IS A NEW YEAR, NEW BEGINNING, NEW JOURNEY!

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