Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Girl Talk: Finding Joy in Material Things?

Hello!! everyone we hope you all had a great weekend. Today's Girl Talk topic is going to be about finding joy in material things.

Alouse: Nicole remember our conversation not to long ago about making material things of this world an idol, What did you mean when you said that?

Nicole: Basically, I was saying that material things really aren't worth anything, they're worthless. You can make anything the most important thing in your life, and literally give your all to it, and find that if it was gone, your whole world would fall apart. And its just made up of metal. Whether it's a ring, a car, anything...

Alouse: Your absolutely right about that! Nicole, we tend to make certain things in our lives an idol and not realize that we are putting God second.

Nicole: Right, we live this life hoping to build up our wealth, our name, build ourselves up to our greatest potential. And that consumes us, it becomes our only goal and aim for living. We wake up with how we're going to get more, or be better, so that in 5 years others can pat us on the back and say well done.

Alouse: ( Singing and praise dancing to what Nicole just said)

Nicole: And the thing about it is, at any point it can all be taken away. Literally, you can lose a job tomorrow, a storm can come and you lose your house, your car, everything, in an instant. But God is eternal, He is the one constant that we have in this life.

Alouse: Even as a Christian I'm guilty of that myself. Not realizing that I make certain things in my life an idol. perfect example would be my baby girl and money. I love my baby and i would do anything for her, I also live to make money to provide for my family, but put those things before God Himself and forget that without him I wouldn't have any of that. I have to remind myself  that my daughter and my income really belong to God.

Nicole: Yes exactly. Because we have to remind ourselves that everything that is given to us, is not because of us. God gifts us these things, he allows us to have things, for our pleasure. Even our children are gifts, they belong to Him, He created them in our womb, He formed them, and has a purpose for them, we're used by God and we train our children, but ultimately they find their way back to Him. I'm reminded of a scripture that I read today in Psalms, Psalm 49:11 says,

"their graves are their homes forever, their dwelling places to all generations, though they called lands by their own names"

And I was literally taken by that because the one thing that is promised to everyone is death. You live, you die, some live a happy life, some live a wasteful life, some live a purposeful life, but the fact remains that everyone will die one day. So the "lands" and the things that we own have our names on it today, but years from now, those are the things that the  next generations will enjoy, because we're no longer here, the only thing that EVERYONE will have is a grave.

Alouse: Going back to what Job said in chapter 1:21 "Naked came I out of my mother's womb, and naked shall I return. The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away: blessed be the name of the Lord". Just reading that makes me realize how uncertain material things are in our lives.

Nicole: Job realized that God gave him so much, to be born with nothing, and be blessed with things is more than a reason to be thankful. God gives us life, He gives us relationships, we came into this world with nothing! So when times get tough and it looks like everything is being taken away, you have more, because you still have God, so you have more than enough. His eyes were on the right thing, and that's God. No matter where you are in life, God is there. In birth, in success, in failure, in hardships, in death, God is there. So looking at my couch, I say that's nice, and I think it's mine, but it's not. My name is on it now, but one day someone else will own it, or it may even be destroyed, so why live my life for it? WHY?

Alouse: Amen!!

Nicole: My question for you is, How can you find Joy in circumstances where there is no hope, and when you look around you and there is nothing there?

Alouse: What a great question. Honestly, no matter where I am in this life today or where I may be later on, The Joy of the Lord should always be with me, reminding me of how great He is and trusting in him who is the almighty King.  

Nicole: AMEN!  On that note, God is good, and we are blessed! Beyond measure, we came into this world with nothing, but we are leaving with Jesus as our Savior! Entering into eternal life, with everything! God is GOOD!

" Naked I came from my mothers womb and naked I will return" Job 1:21

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