Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Girl Talk: Juggling Homeschool and Business

Here's the start to our girl talk series! Girl Talk is a time Alouse and I set aside to talk on a subject, and give you all a snapshot of what our conversations look like on a day to day basis.

Nicole: So how do you feel like you're adjusting to being home again?
Alouse: Thank you Jesus! lol I've been waiting for this day for about a year, and I haven't felt so good in a long time.
Nicole: Hmmm, so what is it about being home with Ramiyah that is so much better than working a  9 to 5?
Alouse: Just the simple fact that I'm able to spend more time with her, I don't have to worry about her getting sick all the time, I'm able to basically prepare her for this world. Especially her being raised in a Christian home. At her age, it's easy for her to pick up bad habits from other children, and just the thought of her being in daycare broke my heart.
Nicole: Awwwww, okay so yea that's a good thing, being able to watch our children, care for them, and spend time with them. Because when you work a 9 to 5 many times you don't get off until 6, get home until 7. And that means that the whole day is gone, leaving just the weekends, if you're lucky. Because your job had you working on the weekends.
Alouse: Ummhmmm, that's very true. My question for you would be, do you think that because of our financial situation, being home would be a better option? Do you think I should find another job?
Nicole:  (RAISING EYEBROWS) girl, lol, I believe the situation has been granted you for this season, you know, because of the fact that you're pregnant, it really does limit, what you can do, and who will hire you. So I do think it's orchestrated by God that you are back home. I will say, prepare yourself while you are home, to be the best wife and mother that God has called you to be. Because I know that God knows our hearts desires. And I just read Psalms today, where God's word says Delight yourself in Him, and He will give you the desires of your heart. So I say be obedient, and be faithful to God and what He's doing in your life. But also be working to the goal. And I believe that's what we're doing. We're building our business, and we're creating something that will be a foundation for our desires to actually stand on.
Alouse: WELLLLLLLLLLLLLL, (Jumps and starts praise dancing, in the mind, because ya'll know I'm 5 months pregnant) lol!
Alouse: You could not have said it any better, I just don't want us to go back to where we were. I don't want us to have to move back home, I truly feel in my heart, that this is where God wants us to be. I trust that He will help us get through these tough times. But it's so easy to say trust Him, and hard to do just that. I know in this past week, just meeting up with you, and starting our devotionals, I feel blessed, to have you in my life, and call you my best friend, because you truly are.
Nicole: Awwwwwww, ye
Alouse: I wasn't done yet, lol, Now you have me in my feelings, lol, I'm pouring my heart out, now let me finish lol. I pray that God will bless our business, and that we will be able to get it started.
Nicole: Yea, so how do you feel our progress is coming? And are you excited about what's coming, as far as the things that we have planned for the girls?
Alouse: Oh absolutely! I am very excited! Just to see how happy my daughter is with me being home. I feel that we have accomplished ALOT within the two weeks that we've been planning and creating. As far as homeschooling, it's definitely progress. Ramiyah is learning alot, she's getting better with her reading and writing. She's writing her name, all her letters from A-Z, she knows her numbers from 1-100, and she's learning how to count by 5s. I would however like to begin making the Bible the center of our homeschooling.
Nicole: AMEN!
Alouse: LOL! But I can honestly say, thanks to both you and AL (shoutout to my girl AL, lol), for homeschooling her while I worked last year, she's pretty prepared for Kindergarten. Not saying that I'm going to put her in Kindergarten, just the improvements that I see, and seeing her love for education and reading, brings me so much joy! How do you feel about the progress we're making with our business?
Nicole: I think we're doing great! We are doing an excellent job, I think in trying to balance our responsibilities in the home, with an ultimate goal for helping out financially. And the fact that we are puttting God first in everything is beautiful. Because the reality is, we can't control anything, we don't know how things are going to turn out, but with God all things are possible. And honestly, I believe that if all else fails, He's the only constant. So To God be the glory in everything! I do however, want to start doing some crafty, handy, type things with they girls. Like arts and crafts, baking, fun stuff! And I'm trying to figure out ways to incorporate Josiah (my one year old) into our fun times. But I'm SO excited about having you and Ramiyah join us on our homeschool journey. IT's DOUBLE THE FUN MAN, lololololol
Alouse: LOLOLOLOL I love it!
Nicole: So on that note, juggling homeschool and business, is not a one time discussion, it's a work in progress
Alouse: Exactly, hopefully by the end of this month we can start tutoring
Nicole:  THAT would be great!

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