Monday, March 16, 2015

Downtown Disney Fieldtrip!

Friday has become our official field trip day. This week we decided to explore Downtown Disney. One of the great things about Downtown Disney is its free! It's like going to a downtown area, with shops and restaurants, but Disney themed. It has a movie theatre, a circus, a bowling alley, and a big play area similar to Chuckie Cheese, but bigger! The first thing we did, was visit a candy store, which we really enjoyed, and the kids wanted everything of course :) We took the kids to the Lego store to build, and use their creativity. Even little Jo joined in on the fun!

Following that experience we looked for a restaurant to eat lunch, and came across the Rain forest Cafe. All I have to say is AMAZING! The food was SOOO good. It had a Caribbean  menu with seafood selections, and the entire restaurant was decorated like a Rain forest. There were leaves hanging from the ceilings, animals hidden in the leaves like snakes and monkeys. We were surrounded by fish tanks that held tropical fish and the kids were able to look at them up close. Sitting at our table, we were next to life size gorillas and elephants that made actual noises. At the table, there was water that fell to appear like rain in an actual rain forest, everything was spot on. It was AMAZING!



The atmosphere and food reminded us of Bahama Breeze, but dare I say better! The food was seasoned very well, and honestly I'm so impressed with that place I will willingly brag about it, lol. So ladies and gents, if you ever come across Downtown Disney, Rain forest Cafe is a must! :) :) :)


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