Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Looking for a Simple Phonics Curriculum?

Look no further! Introducing our Back to Basics Phonics Curriculum. Back to Basics was created by Nicole Armstrong and co-created by Alouse Dangervil, the homeschool besties! Through tedious research and a personal touch we have created a method to teach reading through Phonics instruction and encouraged sight reading memory. One of the things that really sets Back to Basics apart from other curriculum is the straight forward method of teaching, it is so simple to follow! Each concept is listed at the top of the page and a child could learn each at their own pace, for intended mastery. Phonics, we believe, is the fundamental ability to decode, or break words down by primary principles. In other words, there are certain rules that remain true for a majority of vocabulary. If a child is prepared in these rules, and familiar with the most common sight words, a child can transform as a rookie reader, into a master reader in a matter of months! Teach each concept for literally 1 minute, the recommended pace is 2-3 concepts, and your child will soar at a progression that would allow them to master these concepts and firmly transition into advanced reading levels. Try Back to Basics today!  Simple enough for parents to teach! Don't wait, your child is one step away from reaching for the stars in reading, watch them transform in a matter of weeks!

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