Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Organizing my home! (Nicole)

This year I actively joined the Spring Cleaning Team! I don't know if it's the time of year or what, but my home was in desperate need of some TLC :) The first thing I thing was decluttered! It got to the point to where I was just looking around and seeing things out of place and was completely BOTHERED by it all! lol. From my room to the laundry room, the kitchen cabinets, tv storage, all the way to the kids room I was throwing EVERYTHING away lol. I have to be honest it feels so good to know where everything is, and know that I was able to get about 50+ bags of junk hauled to the dumpster, courtesy of my wonderful husband :) :) :0) Next on the list was my bookshelves. I had 3 tall bookshelves and 1 small bookshelf in my master room. THey were slowly becoming drop off centers in addition to a neverending system of fixing and readjusting! I've removed all the shelves! Replaced the shelf in my living room, daughters room and son's room with small shelves and called a couple friends over who were delighted to attend a free book sale lol. The shelf in my room I've completely removed, it's just something about it, I'd prefer the master room to be clear, so I could literally step away from it all, an enter into a place of clarity and rest. After the setup of my shelving, it was time to buy organizers!!!! I decided to visit the dollar store and buy everything in sight, all that was in my color scheme of course, and managed to walk away with organizers for my pantry, kitchen cabinet, bathroom closet and new toy rotation system. The Toy rotation works like this: Divide a small number of toys into an organizer, keep 10-15 toys down switch out weekly. Toy rotation systems are good for kids because it helps them stay interested in their toys and keeps them from having literally hundreds of toys and pieces all over the floor. IT HELPS SO MUCH!!!! I can officially say...I'm at peace now!
Step 1: Declutter and throw away things no longer using Step 2: Get rid of unnecessary books and bookshelves Step 3: Utilize Organizers and create a toy rotation Step 4: Sanity and a happy home :)

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